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What does Duct Cleaning Do?

It can be challenging to determine which HVAC services are really necessary. It’s important to develop good rapport with your local contractor in North Richland Hills, TX so that you can communicate honestly about your questions and doubts. Our experts at Airwise Heating & Air Conditioning don’t mind questions because our goal is to earn your confidence and trust as we address your HVAC needs. Some of our customers wonder about the validity of duct cleaning services. It’s important to understand how your ducts affect your HVAC system as you examine the issue.

Your Ducts and Your Air Stream

Your HVAC system takes in air and moves it over heating or cooling coils and into your ducts. The circuit of ducts carries your conditioned air into various parts of the home to provide comfort in different spaces. The air filter strains pollutants from the air stream, but it’s not 100 percent effective at removing particles. A higher MERV rating can facilitate more efficient air cleaning, but you will still find that dirt can infiltrate the ducts.

Seasonal conditions can also affect other materials in your ducts. A humid summer can lead to mold growth in the circuit. A period of inactivity in your ducts can enable rodents or insects to get into the network. When the system is back in use, the accumulated dander and debris can get into the air stream, contaminating your indoor air. While some worry about the irritation and allergy symptoms this may cause, others are concerned about disease and germs that are associated with these pollutants. Duct cleaning can help limit these issues.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

An HVAC professional can inspect your ducts for needed cleaning. Special equipment is used to view the interior condition of your ducts, enabling your contractor to assess the severity of dirt and mold buildup. Cleaning equipment is used to remove accumulated materials. Don’t settle for mere vacuuming. While some of our customers imagine that they can solve their own needs for duct cleaning with a long vacuum hose, the reality is that they miss the majority of debris. Professional duct cleaning in North Richland Hills, TX provides thorough results that make a difference in energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

How Often Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Duct service should be handled on an as-needed basis. Visible evidence of mold or debris is a good indicator that you need to have your system cleaned. Airwise Heating & Air Conditioning recommends semi-annual comprehensive system maintenance for your HVAC equipment. During this time, our technicians inspect ducts as they perform other diagnostic and maintenance tasks. We will let you know if there is a need for cleaning.

It’s important to realize that excessive buildup of mold or evidence of rodent activity may indicate additional problems in your system. Improper duct material can be a serious issue. Disconnected or leaky ducts can also be problematic. Our diagnostic efforts will also address these concerns so that severe cleaning issues can be remedied.  Please give us a call at Airwise Heating & Air Conditioning for all your HVAC needs.