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Dust Regularly

3 Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality At Your Home

Pollution affects the outdoor air in the Grapevine, Texas, area, but airborne contaminants can cause respiratory and health concerns in your home as well. Help your family members with allergies and asthma by implementing a few effective strategies today. Learn how to use an air cleaner and get some tips to improve your home’s indoor air quality. Dust, Mop, and Vacuum Regularly From seasonal... Read More »

Your Smart Thermostat

Why Should You Get a Smart Thermostat for Your Home?

A good thermostat is essential to keeping your Azle, Texas, home comfortable, but some are much more effective than others. Take a closer look at three reasons you should upgrade to a smart thermostat today. WiFi Connectivity If you’re used to operating a manual thermostat, you might be surprised at how much you can do with a smart thermostat. These devices are designed to connect with your ... Read More »

Cracking Geothermal Myths

Busting 4 Geothermal Myths

Geothermal heating and cooling systems have gained popularity as one of the newest ways to keep your home comfortable. However, this technology has come to be associated with many fallacies. Many people aren’t sure what’s true and what’s pure conjecture. If you’re considering geothermal energy for your Azle, Texas, home, bear in mind that some of what you hear about acreage... Read More »

Humidity and Health

2 Benefits of a Humidifier in Fall

Humidity can skyrocket during the hot Keller, Texas, summers, and you might feel relieved to spend time outdoors, so you don’t feel as if you’re in a sauna. Conversely, humidity levels can also plummet during fall and winter. Low humidity levels can impact your health as well as your comfort, but a whole-home humidifier can help to restore comfort effectively. Improved Health When indo... Read More »

Fall Temperature

Your Fall HVAC Checklist

With fall fast approaching and winter right around the corner, it’s time to get your Azle, Texas, home ready for the changing seasons. A part of your fall HVAC checklist should include scheduling your fall tuneup. Think ahead to winter so you can protect your HVAC system and your family. Schedule Your Fall Tuneup You should always be proactive when it concerns such a significant investment i... Read More »

Woman Fanning Herself

Finding Your Ideal Humidity

If the humidity in your Dallas, Texas, home gets too high in summer, it will encourage mold growth and pests, and it’ll make your home feel warmer. If the air is too dry in winter, it will irritate your eyes and sinuses, making colds, allergies, and asthma worse. Dry air also causes static electricity and cracks in walls, wood floors, and furniture. Without the ideal humidity level, you̵... Read More »

Checking AC

3 Convenient HVAC Upgrades

The right upgrades for your HVAC system can help you save energy, keep your Arlington, Texas, home more comfortable, and improve your indoor air quality. Upgrades are expensive at first, but they can reduce maintenance and repairs needs and lower your utility bills. Some convenient HVAC upgrades include installing a programmable thermostat, adding a UV lamp, and using an air purifier. Install a Pr... Read More »

Thinking Man

When to Replace Your Heater

Eventually, you’ll have to replace your heater because of normal wear and tear or a breakdown, even if you’ve taken the best care of it. Paying for minor repairs is usually better than spending thousands on a new system, but keeping an older, inefficient unit and paying for frequent repairs can cost you more money over time. An older heater also uses more energy, and it won’t kee... Read More »

Boost Your Efficiency

Best Fall Cooling Tips for Texas Residents

Now that fall is approaching, many homeowners like you in Fort Worth, Texas, are preparing for the change in season. Fall weather is still warm for residents of Texas, which means you need to think about ways to stay cool without spending much money. To stay cool this fall, change your thermostat’s settings, use fans to improve air circulation, and be conscious about your HVAC system use. Ch... Read More »

Up Your Efficiency

Boost Your Energy Efficiency This Fall

Fall is approaching, and many homeowners in Azle, Texas, are preparing for the change in season. Fall can be a great time to make changes in your home’s energy efficiency. Homeowners can boost energy efficiency this fall by inspecting their home insulation, finding and sealing air leaks, and checking and cleaning fireplaces. Inspect Insulation Levels Your home’s insulation keeps heat i... Read More »

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