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Wondering How to Cool Your Garage? Go Ductless.

During the process of a home renovation, the garage is often overlooked. However, for people who spend any amount of time in their garages doing things like woodworking, fixing the car or playing music, having an air conditioned space in which to do these things can make the process much more enjoyable. Instead of dealing with an expensive and time consuming undertaking of adding air ducts for a t... Read More »

How to Lower Your Energy Bill? Start with an Energy Star Home Audit

Instead of turning off the air conditioner and banishing use of the water heater and oven, you can lower utility bills without resorting to such draconian means. A home energy audit with an Energy Star certified professional will identify areas in need of improvement. Our energy efficiency experts at Air Wise Heating & Air Conditioning explain how these audits work and how they can save money ... Read More »

A Faulty Temperature Transducer Affects AC Performance and Energy Bills

Air conditioners have come a long way over the last century. The invention of a unit that could cool the air inside of a building took many years to develop and perfect. Creating a control system that could automate that machine to maintain an exact temperature would come later. Today’s best heating and air conditioning systems are equipped with high-tech controls that not only regulate indo... Read More »

Why You Should Consider an HVAC System Upgrade Now

It’s always exciting to see that your tax return has successfully been deposited into your bank account, and it’s the perfect time to think about major improvements and upgrades at home. Your 2012 return could prove even more valuable if you use it to update your air conditioner or heater, reducing operating costs associated with maintaining a comfortable home environment. Energy effic... Read More »

What to Do about a Noisy Air Conditioner

A well-functioning cooling system offers you and your family relief from the sweltering heat of a Fort Worth, TX, summer. Quiet operation adds to your comfort, providing a soothing background noise that won’t distract you from your daily activities or keep you up at night. The best air conditioning systems are engineered to operate efficiently, effectively and quietly. Noisy air conditioners... Read More »

How Does the R-22 Phase-Out Affect Me?

Air conditioning systems are standard equipment in most American households. Around 87 percent of homes have them, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). All cooling systems use refrigerants, substances that can be easily converted from a liquid to a gas and back again. When people speak of the R-22 phase-out, they’re referring to the gradual reduction of the use of this c... Read More »

Avoid Springtime Allergies with an Air Purification System

As a homeowner in NE Tarrant County, TX, you might be wondering whether it is even possible to avoid or reduce springtime allergies. Many people suffer from problematic allergy symptoms, which can aggravate existing health conditions and lead to complications like sinus infections and painful headaches. Read More »

Air Conditioner Tune Up Checklist

Are you prepared for the hot, humid summers that Hurst, TX is known for? Keeping your family and home comfortable during extreme weather temperatures is important. Don’t wait until the last minute to make certain your AC is working at its best capacity. If you haven’t done so already, get your air conditioning unit tuned up for the summer. Read More »

Save Money and Energy with AC Upgrades

Is your air conditioning system over 10 years old? Does your equipment need repairs each year just to stay up and running? You can save money and energy by upgrading your AC system to an energy efficient unit. In fact, you may save enough money on your energy bills over a few cooling seasons to pay for the installation. Read More »

How Does Humidity Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Many homeowners in NE Tarrant County, TX know that taking steps to improve the air quality in their homes offers significant health benefits. What is often less understood is the role that relative humidity (RH) plays when it comes to indoor air quality. A number of allergens and bacteria thrive in moist environments, including dust mites, mold and mildew. Read More »

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