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Lighten your Load: Your HVAC System Will Work Better

In NE Tarrant County, TX your HVAC system can work better and cost less to run if you lighten the heating and cooling load of your home or business. From sealing up your building’s envelope a little tighter to making upgrades that improve your HVAC system’s energy efficiency, you can enjoy enhanced performance and lower your energy bills too. Airwise Heating & Air Conditioning is pleased to offer these tips for lightening the load of your HVAC system in NE Tarrant County, TX.

What Is a Heating and Cooling Load?

Experienced HVAC contractors size a heating or cooling system according to the specific comfort needs of a home or business. Before installing a new system, reputable HVAC technicians conduct a load calculation on the structure to determine the amount of heating or cooling needed to maintain the interior at a comfortable temperature. This calculation not only takes into account the building’s size, layout and construction but habits and schedules of those who use the home or business as well.

Energy Audits Help You Lighten the Load

Any leaks, gaps or areas of poor insulation in a building’s envelope force heating and cooling systems to run longer to achieve desired temperature settings. Energy audits help you determine which load-lightening solutions offer you the most bang for your buck. Using specialized equipment like thermographic scans and infrared cameras, auditors can identify the sources of energy loss that most affect your HVAC system’s operation. At the end of the audit, you’ll receive a prioritized list of recommendations complete with the savings that you can expect by implementing them.

Duct Sealing and Insulating

Home energy assessments also include inspections of all the components of your HVAC system in NE Tarrant Country TX, including the network of ducts that supplies and returns air. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), up to 30 percent of the air that passes through the ductwork air exchange system can be lost to leaks. Because the air exchange system needs to remain balanced to maintain optimal system performance, experts recommend professional sealing and insulating over DIY solutions.

Simple HVAC Solutions

There are a number of other easy-to-implement improvements that can make a home or business easier to heat or cool. Here are some of the most common upgrades:

  1. Install additional insulation to the attic.
  2. Weather-strip drafty windows and doors.
  3. Seal gaps around plumbing, electrical and ventilation conduits on exterior walls.
  4. Plant trees and shrubs to provide wind-breaks and shade.
  5. Use blinds and shades to control window heat loss and gain.

Serving the NE Tarrant County, TX community for 25 years, Airwise Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to keeping our neighbors comfortable without sending energy bills skyrocketing. Our HVAC experts provide products and services that make it easy to heat and cool your home or business without compromising performance.  Please contact us for all your HVAC needs.