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Home Performance With Energy Star: It Starts With a Thorough Airwise Evaluation

Did you know that you can help improve your home’s performance with Energy Star? If your home is hotter than you think it should be during the Tarrant County summer, you could benefit from participating in this program from the Department of Energy and the EPA.

What is the Home Performance with Energy Star Program?

It is a program that focuses on improving the energy efficiency of existing homes by conducting home energy audits. An energy audit professional will conduct a number of tests to determine the trouble spots in your home.

A professional energy auditor will use tools such as blower door tests and infrared camera scans to find hot spots or cold spots in a home and reveal where air is escaping.

Blower Door Test

A blower door test is designed to determine how airtight your home is. If your home is airtight, the conditioned air will stay in where you want it. A blower is attached to an exterior door frame, and the energy auditor uses a smoke pencil to spot the areas that are allowing air to pass through. This test can also help spot indoor air quality problems. If there are gaps in your door or window frames, allergens can infiltrate the home, aggravating allergies for everyone in the home.

Infrared Camera Scan

The auditor can use a thermographic scan conducted with an infrared camera to view hot or cold spots in your home. Places where air is leaking out or there isn’t enough insulation will show up on the scan.

With these tools, a certified energy auditor can put together a report to show you where you need to add insulation and seal air gaps to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

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