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Find Out the Benefits of Home Insulation in All Seasons

When you want to increase your indoor comfort year-round without running up your cooling and heating bills, give some thought to home insulation. It’s part of your home’s overall energy efficiency because it slows thermal transfer into or from your home. The most common types of insulation used in homes include fiberglass batts or blown-in products made from recycled paper or fiberglass particles.

Insulating products carry R-values that indicate how long each inch of the material resists thermal change. Attics in our region typically have an R-value of 30, which means that the material will resist heat gain for 30 hours.

Walls usually have lower R-values because there’s less room to fit the insulation between the 2 x 4 cavities most walls have. When the R-values for walls are calculated, the engineers include the insulating value of the siding, the insulation itself and the drywall.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recommends that homes in our region have at least eight inches of attic insulation, while 16 inches is the ideal amount. Sixteen inches yields an R-value of 38.  If you’re not sure about estimating the insulation level in your walls or attic, a home energy evaluation conducted by an energy auditor or HVAC professional will help.

Adding more insulation to the attic is one of the most cost-effective home energy improvement projects that also makes your home quieter. The extra home insulation starts working immediately and it lasts for decades. Home improvement centers stock insulating products, including radiant barriers that work well in our climate during the summer to reduce heat gain.

You can check the wall insulation levels by turning off the circuit breaker to an electric switch or outlet that sits on an exterior wall, removing the faceplate and looking inside. The cavity should be filled with insulation. If it’s not full, consider contacting a contractor who specializes in blowing loose insulation into wall cavities in existing homes.

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