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3 Benefits of Having a Quality Humidifier

whole-house humidifier tips

As the hot, humid season descends upon Dallas, air conditioning units will soon be running around the clock. While the air outside is dense with moisture, a tightly sealed home can quickly dry out. A whole-house humidifier attached to the central HVAC system restores balance to the air inside your Texas home, providing greater comfort, healthier air quality and a more efficient HVAC system.

Control the Comfort of Your Home

Keep your home in the safety zone of 30 percent to 50 percent relative humidity to prevent scaly skin, chapped lips and brittle hair. When the air is too dry, you will also feel chilled even in warm temperatures, constantly thirsty and shock everything you touch with static electricity. A humidifier can stop that musty stale smell and deter warping in your floorboards and wooden furniture.

Breathe Healthier Indoor Air

Bacteria, viruses and other allergens thrive in environments that have less than 30 percent moisture. With the right amount of water in the air, contaminants are unable to stay airborne and won’t cause allergy-like symptoms, including difficulty breathing, a drier nose, a sore throat and headaches.

Improved HVAC System Efficiency

A system that is too small or large for a home cannot effectively maintain the right amount of moisture. As a result, when humidity levels are too high or low, your Dallas home’s HVAC system must work overtime to heat or cool the air. This not only drives up your energy costs but also puts more wear and tear on your unit, which increases maintenance costs and decreases lifespan.

Since too much moisture in the air is just as dangerous as too little, Airwise Heating & Air Conditioning advises our Dallas clients to use a hygrometer to calculate relative humidity. Contact an expert Airwise service technician at (817) 444-0090 to schedule a humidity inspection or consultation for the best whole-house humidifier or dehumidifier to restore balance to your home.