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3 Amazing Innovations by Carrier

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For over 100 years, Carrier has been the name you can trust in the HVAC industry. With top-notch products and a dedication to research and development, Carrier outpaces its competitors, bringing both commercial and residential heating and cooling solutions with a reputation for reliability, affordability, and comfort. Over the years, they’ve provided technologies that have redefined the HVAC industry. Here are just a few of the amazing innovations by Carrier that make your Flower Mound, Texas, home comfortable all year-long.

Hybrid Heat

With the fluctuating costs of oil and gas, it’s never easy to decide which fuel source is best to suit your home. Thankfully, Carrier’s Hybrid Heat system takes all the guesswork out of the situation. Using a heat pump and a gas furnace, the system detects the outside temperature, and then chooses which fuel source is most cost-effective in those conditions. Plus, it also chooses when to use the heat pump and when to turn on the furnace, saving you money and turning your home into a cozy fortress from the cold.

Infinity Heating and Cooling

If you haven’t noticed your house at the perfect temperature every time you walk in, chances are you aren’t using the Infinity Heating and Cooling system. Unlike other systems, the Infinity system combines the air conditioner, furnace, and thermostat into a cohesive unit. It reacts intelligently to outdoor conditions by raising or lowering the indoor temperature. The result is a perfect comfort to your home, no matter what’s happening outside.

Greenspeed Technology

One of the biggest problems with home heating and cooling is that your system can’t always find the right temperature without cycling. Cycling is when your system turns on and off to keep a constant temperature, yet it’s inherently inefficient. Greenspeed technology aims to fix this problem by allowing your HVAC components to run from 40 percent capacity to 100 percent capacity, and anywhere in between, providing you that perfect temperature without the bill.

With so many amazing innovations, it’s no surprise that Carrier is an industry leader in HVAC. If you’re ready to upgrade to one of their latest systems, make sure to call Airwise at (817) 444-0090.

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