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Renovation Tips for Benbrook Heat Pump Owners

Heat pump owners already know how well these heating and cooling systems work to keep their home comfortable while also lowering ongoing monthly costs. Residential energy efficiency can be improved even further with a heat pump upgrade combined with a few relatively simple home renovations. Here are some ways you can increase your home’s energy efficiency to enjoy indoor comfort and monetary... Read More »

Choosing the Correct Air Filter For Your Family

It’s hard to believe the smallest part of your HVAC system has such a big impact on energy use, system performance and indoor air quality. Choosing the wrong air filter can drastically compromise your system’s performance and increase overall operating costs. Not changing your air filter can have consequences. A recent study conducted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air... Read More »

Make Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Work

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are often mistaken for interchangeable terms. They’re both important parts of environmental responsibility and reducing your household energy bill, but they’re not the same thing. By understanding energy conservation, energy efficiency and how your heating and cooling systems impact your life, you can begin to implement a plan to effectively use both in ev... Read More »

Carrier UV Lamps Can Light Your Way to Cleaner Indoor Air

Today, homes are built tightly to seal in heated and cooled air. This improves energy efficiency, but it has a hidden side effect: tight homes trap contaminants inside and reduce indoor air quality. Polluted air can cause allergy symptom flareups and trigger asthma attacks. Are you hoping to enjoy cleaner, fresher indoor air? Carrier UV lamps could be the indoor air quality product you’re looking ... Read More »

Can a Whole-House Humidifier Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home?

Just how breathable is the air in your Fort Worth or Benbrook area home? Most people worry about smog and air pollution outside, but what you may not realize is that the air in your home can be many times more polluted than the air outdoors. Your HVAC system can help somewhat in this regard by filtering some of the contaminants from the air. However, your HVAC system should also dehumidify that ai... Read More »

Zoning Benefits That May Make the Investment Worth It for Your Fort Worth Home

If you’d like to improve both energy efficiency and comfort in  your Fort Worth area home, consider the many zoning benefits you can achieve by separating your home into different climate-control zones. Whether you’re trying to stay cool in the summer or warm yourself up in the winter, maintaining a comfortable temperature for your home is a big concern in the Fort Worth area. Even wit... Read More »

Professional Duct Sealing Ensures the Conditioned Air Stays in Your Benbrook Area Home

The energy needed to cool and heat the typical home constitutes the largest portion of the energy bill pie. If conditioned air is leaking from the air ducts before it reaches the living spaces, you are spending more money than necessary month after month. This amounts to a substantial price to pay to be uncomfortable. Consider professional duct sealing for plugging leaks in the ducts and your wall... Read More »

Will You Need More Cooling This Summer?

As hot, humid summer months approach in Fort Worth, Texas, it’s time to evaluate the effectiveness of the cooling system of your home or business. Have you added a room? Would you like to cool an area that is difficult to connect to a ducted system? If your air conditioner does not cool evenly or uses a lot of electricity to create a comfortable indoor environment, there are ways to improve ... Read More »

How Good Ductwork Design Improves Your Comfort, Boosts Your Savings in Fort Worth

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, your home’s central air conditioning needs to be top-notch to keep you and your family comfortable during the long North Texas summers. Part of the secret of good air conditioning is good ductwork design. And the secret to good ductwork design is communication.  Read More »

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