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No DIY for These HVAC Repairs

Hire a Pro

Thanks to the internet, there are many home projects that homeowners in Keller, Texas, try to undertake and can actually perform with preparation and the proper tools. However, there are other projects and repairs that homeowners should leave to contractors and technicians. In general, repairs that involve gas, electricity, or hard-to-access areas should not be attempted by homeowners. Common malfunctions that you should leave to HVAC technicians include outdoor unit problems and ductwork issues.

Electrical Issues

Many HVAC repairs involve working with the electric system. Unless you’re a professional electrician, you should not attempt to perform these repairs by yourself. Powerful HVAC systems can run high amps and voltages, so if you make a mistake, you could be electrocuted. The most common HVAC issues involving electricity are thermostat and circuit breaker malfunctions. One common sign of a short or electrical overload is a frequent circuit breaker problem.

Contact your HVAC company if you believe your HVAC issues are rooted in your home’s electrical system. Electrical issues can be a major fire hazard and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Condenser Unit Malfunction

The condenser unit consists of the compressor and the fan of an HVAC system. The condenser heats up and pressurizes the refrigerant. As the refrigerant cools off, it supplies cool air to every room in your house. If your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working, this is often a sign of a condenser unit malfunction. A homeowner with no HVAC experience attempting a repair may make the issue worse.

Ductwork Issues

The ductwork helps to supply cool air to the rooms of your home. Unfortunately, ductwork can become damaged due to rodents or wear and tear. Since it is hard to access in most homes, you should leave ductwork repairs to the professionals.

Nowadays, many home projects can be successfully completed by a homeowner. However, certain projects require professionals with the right expertise and tools. For more information about HVAC repairs that are not DIY-friendly, don’t hesitate to call Airwise Heating & Air at (817) 444-0090 to speak with one of our skilled and experienced HVAC technicians.

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