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How to Avoid Emergency HVAC Repairs This Winter

How to Avoid Emergency HVAC Repairs This Winter

HVAC emergencies tend to occur at the most inopportune times, such as in the dead of winter. Fortunately, by following a few simple tips, you can keep your family comfortable all winter long in your Colleyville, Texas, home without fear of your HVAC failing to keep up its end of the bargain. Here are some steps to help you avoid an HVAC catastrophe during the colder months.

Get a Tuneup

If you didn’t schedule an HVAC or furnace tuneup in late fall or early winter, now’s the time to do it. When you call us for a tuneup, our technician will conduct a thorough examination of the unit, inspecting each part to ensure its integrity. Once we’re done, we’ll give you advice on what might need replacement in the future and what you should worry about now. After that, your unit will provide warmth and reliability as sound as the day you installed it.

Fix Leaks

Other problems homeowners face in winter are leaky ducts and areas in the home that allow heat to escape. This not only reduces the comfort in the home but it can also become problematic if not treated promptly. When air escapes the home, the furnace must work harder to produce the temperature you desire. This results in unnecessary wear and tear, which might lead to a furnace emergency down the road.

Clear the Debris

While the first two scenarios are better left to professionals, one simple task you can do to help prevent an HVAC meltdown is simply clearing the debris from around the furnace. When debris blocks the airflow, it causes the system to break down rapidly, leaving you to foot the bill.

It’s not as hard as you might think to avoid HVAC disasters in winter. Just to make sure everything’s ready to go, give Airwise a call today at (817) 444-0090. We’ll take care of the work, and all you’ll have to do is enjoy perfect indoor temperatures throughout the season.

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